Tickets SDK Overview
  • 03 Aug 2023
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Tickets SDK Overview

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A feature and engagement rich digital ticket .
The Tickets SDK offers ticket management, rendering, customization, and entry. With its built in module technology, engaging content can be added below the ticket to increase utility as well as drive sales back to your Retail SDK experience.

Getting Started

See Getting Started

Tickets Framework

Tickets Framework is all things related to Ticket Management.

Events Info link to My Events Overview
Orders Info
Tickets Info
Ticket Management
Transfer Feature
Resale Feature
Modules Implementation and Creation
Pre-built Modules by Ticketmaster
Custom Modules built by Integrators
Wayfinding Colors for fan navigation

Secure Entry Framework

Secure Entry Framework allows for Entry using variety of options for your App.

Render Info
Safetix Support
QR Code Support
Wallet Info
Add to Wallet Apple and Google
Wallet Binding
Customize our SDK to match the look and feel of your App.

Branding Colors
Logos and Icons

Marketplaces covered under Tickets SDK

  • HOST North America
  • Archtics North America
  • AU/NZ Archtics (North America)
  • UK/IE Archtics (North America)
  • Sport XR
  • Mexico HOST
  • Mexico Archtics
  • MicroFlex
  • MicroFlex Friends Arena

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